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    Case study: Customized contact center solution for banking acquisition support

    The challenge

    A financial services and banking institution required a skilled team to assist with customer service and support during an acquisition of new customers and accounts. Agents would need to provide detailed answers to banking product inquiries, financial transactions, on-line banking support, and general customer service. The successful handling of these calls was crucial to the business to create a positive relationship with the newly acquired customers.

    The solution

    • RECRUITING: The new onsite program successfully recruited 95 skilled team members in a two-month period while competing for workers during the busy holiday season. Candidates were required to meet stringent banking industry background screening requirements.

    • SECURITY: Strict security measures such as surveillance cameras and personal device lockers were installed to safeguard customer data.

    • TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: A comprehensive training plan was designed and implemented as a critical component to meeting the strict timeline of the project.

    The value

    The customized customer service center solution provided the people and support the client required to successfully transition 230,000 new customers and their accounts. During this short-term project, KellyConnect® handled over 90,000 calls, while meeting or exceeding quality assurance scores of 90%.

    The team also demonstrated flexibility by extending the closedown from January until March to help the client continue service for their customers. At the end of the engagement they transitioned 12 KellyConnect employees who were offered permanent positions working for the client.

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