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    The Future of Sourcing: 6 best practices for recruiting contact center talent remotely

    November 23, 2020

    How KellyConnect® leads the industry with virtual call center solutions

    The future of contact center staffing is remote. While most providers are still cemented in the brick-and-mortar model, it’s just a matter of time for Work-At-Home Agents and fully virtual solutions to become standard practice.

    KellyConnect is leading the way and has done so for years. Vice President and Practice Lead Jeff Christofis shares his best practices for building a remote contact center team in this article for Future of Sourcing. Jeff lays out six key strategies:

    • Do your homework on local labor laws.
    • Look for qualified agents in the right places.
    • Introduce realistic job previews.
    • Utilize behavioral assessments.
    • Don’t schedule interviews.
    • Develop meaningful retention strategies.

    “With a shift to remote contact center solutions, service providers must be ready for burgeoning recruiting opportunities and challenges,” Jeff says.

    KellyConnect meets these challenges and opportunities exceptionally well.

    “Our employee satisfaction is over 90% and our net promoter score is 80%,” Jeff says. “We attribute that success to how selective we are in the hiring process. We believe our fill rate of 5% shows our tools are working and helping us identify the diamonds in the rough.”

    Read Jeff’s Future of Sourcing article here.

    Learn more about KellyConnect’s services here.

    Original article published by The Future of Sourcing on Nov. 20. 2020

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