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    Workforce solution reduces cost, expedites issue resolution for tech giant


    The challenge: Optimize operational efficiency.

    One of the world's largest technology providers faced the challenge of optimizing operational efficiency within its extensive customer service and tech support infrastructure. The increased volume of customer interactions resulting from expanding product/service portfolios posed a significant time and cost challenge.

    The solution: Workforce management, strategic call monitoring, and coaching.

    KellyConnect delivered a strategic solution focusing on improving customer satisfaction while maximizing operational efficiency.

    • Workforce management: Scheduling optimization and maximizing interaction productivity.
    • Strategic call monitoring/coaching: Techniques to enhance conversation quality and accelerate contact resolution.
    • Effective use of knowledge base: Leveraged the knowledge base and advanced search techniques to expedite issue resolution.
    • Troubleshooting: Methodologies to identify and address root cause swiftly, minimizing initial interaction time and reducing subsequent customer call backs.

    The results: Reduced handle time and operational costs by $2MM.

    Achieved a 2% improvement in overall operational efficiency.
    • Realized savings of 4.7 million minutes annually.
    • Financial impact of $1.9 - $2.1 million, per billable rate for productive minutes.

    This collaborative effort demonstrates the effectiveness of strategic partnerships in driving operational excellence and enhancing customer satisfaction in customer service and technical support.



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