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    Workforce Management

    Get an all-inclusive, refined workforce optimization solution that’s designed to fit your team.

    Accuracy and agility – get it all with KellyConnect.

    Maintaining customer satisfaction and an efficient staff headcount is a challenging balancing act. KellyConnect’s Workforce Management solutions help contact center managers get – and stay – ahead of staffing challenges. 

    Maximize agent utilization hour by hour and day by day, with precise alignment to occupancy using our methods to increase productivity without creating burnout.

    Through holistic forecasting and scheduling diagnostics and real-time adherence monitoring, KellyConnect Workforce Management solutions deliver accuracy in forecasting and the flexibility to remain agile. 

    The right tools, every step of the way.

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    Our best practices, processes and technologies will help you better estimate future contact volume across all channels, and the number of agents needed to handle that volume.

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    Better forecasting data means optimized scheduling. We help clients better diagnose and optimize the ongoing planning of agent's hours, activities, and required staff fluctuations.

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    While it's happening, pinpoint agents who are out of adherence with the planned schedule and mitigate the impact. Leveraging this data, future training approaches are optimized to improve scheduling practices overall.

    Workforce management toolkit


    Accurately predict future contact volume, and the number of agents needed to serve that volume. Our best practices, processes and technologies will guide you. 


    Better diagnose and optimize agents’ hours, activities, and required staff fluctuations. 

    Real-Time Adherence 

    Pinpoint employees who are out of step with the planned schedule and mitigate the impact – while it’s happening. 

    Staffing Optimization & Modeling 

    Before scheduling problems occur, enhance your recruiting and training approaches to improve agent productivity and scheduling practices. 


    The Future of Contact Centers

    Join our on-demand webinar with Brad Cleveland, Founding Partner & Former CEO of ICMI, for a robust discussion about the 3 key steps CX leaders need to take to engage agents and prepare their contact center for the future.


    Elevate your contact center.

    KellyConnect has a proven record of creating customized contact center outsourcing solutions that feature the market’s best talent and technology.

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