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    Learning Management

    Quality agent training is an important key to contact center success.

    Investment in learning management pays dividends.

    Not all training is created equal. A leader in virtual contact center agent training delivery, KellyConnect’s learning management process brings tailor-made education for ongoing quality effectiveness through assessment, instruction design, delivery, and a world-class learning management system.

    KellyConnect training modules provide interactive agent training that’s optimized for the way people retain information received digitally. And, with the ability to train more than 500 virtual agents simultaneously, KellyConnect has your team covered.

    Get effective training, and so much more.

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    We'll dive deep to understand and measure the health of your training practice and its effectiveness for your contact center agents.

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    Instructional design

    Define, establish, and maintain the creation, delivery and testing of effective learning content in an ongoing manner.

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    Best practices

    We'll craft a set of best practices and processes to enhance the management of your new hire and ongoing training management.

    Optimized remote agent training supports the bottom line

    Quality agent training is a crucial cornerstone in any contact center operation. Effective learning management allows agents to serve customers with consistency and confidence. That means agents are empowered to help, enjoy their work, and stay on board – keeping talent acquisition costs low, and CSAT scores high.

    And that’s a win-win-win.


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    KellyConnect has a proven record of creating customized contact center outsourcing solutions that feature the market’s best talent and technology.

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